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Studio Acrylics Set of 40 x 20ml with Brush


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Assortment of 10 fine quality water paints, with a matt-satin finish, accompanied by a brush. 

Set includes: titanium white, opaque primary yellow, cadmium red hue, primary magenta, dark ultramarine blue, opaque primary cyan, phthalocyanine green, yellow ochre, Mars black, cadmium orange hue, azo pink, oriental violet, turquoise blue, cadmium green hue, ivory, burnt umber, Payne's grey, medium cadmium yellow hue, quinacridone scarlet, naphtol carmine, Naples yellow hue, raw sienna, red ochre, burnt sienna, silver, gold, iridescent violet-blue, iridescent red-blue, iridescent green-blue, iridescent green-yellow, iridescent orange-yellow, iridescent blue-green, iridescent blue-black, light azo yellow, transparent vermilion, Prussian blue hue, cerulean blue, Hooker’s green, Venice yellow, Venice red