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The Complete Guide to Drawing Action Manga – Art Academy Direct
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The Complete Guide to Drawing Action Manga - Art Academy Direct malta

The Complete Guide to Drawing Action Manga


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Whether your character is jumping for joy, kicking and grappling with an opponent, or fighting to the death with sword in hand, this book provides all the essential techniques to draw more lifelike action figures in the classic Japanese manga style. The comprehensive introduction first shows the reader the physical anatomy of male vs. female figures and gives important tips on proportions, perspective and small but often-overlooked details such as the relative differences between male and female hands, fingers and feet.

Five subsequent chapters cover over 40 action poses in the following categories:

Chapter 1: General movements (e.g. running and jumping);

Chapter 2: Basic fight movements (e.g. punching and kicking);

Chapter 3: Facing off with an opponent (e.g. judo holds and high fives);

Chapter 4: Use of weapons (e.g. swords and knives);

Chapter 5: Reacting to an opponent (e.g. dodging a punch or taking a punch).

Each pose and movement is illustrated with a rough sketch outline followed by a highlighted manga drawing containing detailed annotations by the author. After studying the sketches, you practice the drawing techniques in a tracing section at the end of each chapter. Each chapter also provides professional tips on the use of colour and shading for greater realism.