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XL Crackle Paste 1.2kg – Art Academy Direct
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XL Crackle Paste 1.2kg

XL Crackle Paste 1.2kg


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XL Crackle Paste is designed for adding textural effects and impasto to artworks on a range of surfaces.

The kit consists of two parts, a white base (primer) and the XL Crackle paste for the top layer. The primer adheres well to materials such as canvas, wood, styrofoam, plastic, glass or metal. It is not suitable for materials made of silicone. The primer adheres perfectly to the crackle paste and can be pigmented before application.

The XL Crackle Paste is a structural paste for the production of cracks, which appear as the paste dries. These cracks are deeper and wider the thicker you apply the XL Crackle Paste - a layer of up to 50mm thick is possible. Paint can be sprayed or painted over the crackle paste after application - please see below for more information.